Value of Open Space

“Conserving land is crucial not only for the protection of natural areas, but also for the preservation of community vitality. However, each year we lose an additional 24,000 acres of forest in New England alone, jeopardizing the benefits provided by open space and undeveloped lands. This brief provides an overview of how communities are benefiting economically from public and private conservation efforts, bolstering community vitality and supporting local economies.” (via Highstead)

“Recycle Right” Campaign

The campaign’s goal is to reassure residents that the recyclable items they leave at the curb are indeed getting recycled, and providing guidance and recycling tips that will ensure that the County continues to recycle while many recycling programs around the country are suspended.

What’s all the Buzz about Pollinator Pathways?

By turning even the smallest of available green spaces like flower boxes and curb strips into native plant gardens, communities are creating ‘stepping stones’ for pollinators between larger habitat patches.