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Groundwork Hudson Valley Presents: Climate Safe Neighborhoods Partnership in Yonkers, NY

Monday October 19 @ 12PM

The climate crisis threatens to make our communities hotter and wetter than they have ever been before, but not all neighborhoods within a city will suffer the social, health, and financial consequences equally. Many neighborhoods subject to government-sanctioned racist housing practises in the 1930s and 1940s are most at risk today for experiencing extreme heat and flooding.

Extensive impermeable pavement and sparse tree canopies increase the risk of flooding and amplify the heat island effect. Our neighborhoods do not look the way they do by accident, and the mitigation measures needed to reduce risk will not appear by accident. The Climate Safe Neighborhoods Partnership in Yonkers aims to explore the relationship between historical race-based housing segregation and the current and predicted impacts of climate change on our communities.

Groundwork Hudson Valley would like to invite you to join us for a virtual meeting and presentation of the done to date on our Climate Safe Neighborhoods Partnership in Yonkers and what we are planning to work on in the coming months. During the meeting, Brigitte Griswold, Groundwork Hudson Valley’s Executive Director, and Oded Holzinger, our Project Manager for this initiative, will review the maps showing the heat island effect in Yonkers, it’s unequal distribution throughout the city and the historical causes for this distribution. We will also discuss new challenges the Coronavirus brought to the project. Finally, we would like to use this meeting to turn to you and ask for your feedback and guidance on the work we’ve done so far and our plans moving forward.  

via Zoom.