Interactive Maps

DECinfo Locator

DEC recently launched DECinfo Locator, an interactive map that provides access to DEC documents and public data about New York’s environment and outdoor recreation resources with 50 interactive data layers.

Hudson Valley Natural Resource Mapper

The Hudson Valley Natural Resource Mapper is an interactive tool designed to help identify and understand important habitat and water resources, the connections between them, and their broader regional context so communities can begin to identify conservation priorities and strategies that can be incorporated into local land-use planning.

Mapping Westchester County

Mapping Westchester County is the county’s primary internet mapping portal, providing access to dozens of datasets, and to specialized “County Locators”: Hurricane Zone, Indian Point Plan, Elected Officials and Community Services. In addition, select county datasets can be downloaded directly from the mapping application.

Natural Resources Inventory

The 2008 Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) Grid represents the uniform grid and scale of 800′ used in the original NRI map series optimized to be printed on 11×17 sized papers. The grid is included in the online NRI for reference. 

Environmental Assessment Form Mapper Application

The EAF Mapper Application is an Internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) specifically designed to facilitate the NY State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) process by answering geographic or place-based questions on the Short and Full Environmental Assessment Forms (EAFs). The EAF Mapper will provide its results by directly filling out many place-based questions in Part 1 of an electronically fillable SEAF or FEAF form and returning the partially completed form to the applicant or sponsor to finish.

Hudson River Tidal Wetlands and SLR

Protecting the Pathways is an initiative by Scenic Hudson and partners to study and help preserve the Hudson River’s tidal wetlands in the face of sea level rise (SLR).
Here, you can learn about the Hudson’s tidal wetlands, their fate under SLR and what you can do to help.